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Heavenly Whispers Workshop

Your spiritual journey awaits you... This is a chance for up to 25 like minded spiritual individuals to connect, learn and awaken their senses in a divine setting...

Join Psychic Medium Lauren as she explores your Psychic self with you, encouraging your development and teaching you how to practice and strengthen your Psychic awareness in every day life.

This workshop is designed to awaken your Psychic senses through theoretical and practical learning and will cover the following topics:

Being Psychic - What it truly means to be Psychic, how to trust in your senses and the messages you are receiving from the spirit world.

The 'Claires' - Learning which Psychic senses you identify with the most strongly - Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience or Claircognizance.

Your intuition and You - Learning to understand and trust your intuition through practical exercises.

Chakras, our energy centre - Learning how they balance mind, body and spirit. How to unblock them through the art of meditation and using pendulums.

Aura's - Learn how to sense and see auras, the different layers, the beautiful colours and how to interpret them.

Angels & Psychometry - Learn about our connection to our Guardian Angels and the Archangels. Psychometry receiving messages from spirit and working from the heart. Learning how to read one's energy.

Crystal energy - Crystals and how they can help you balance your chakras and discussing some healing properties of common crystals.

All course materials will be provided on the day and you will receive a special gift from me to you ♥

The Heavenly Whispers Workshop will be held at the Muswellbrook RSL Club with date TBA for 2020.

Your investment for this workshop - $85

You must be 18 years or older to attend this workshop.

Let your light shine! ♥





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