"Can you hear me?"

Hearing spirit is one of the best feelings in the world. Being able to hear the voices of loved ones that have relocated to heaven is truly one of the most comforting and beautiful things I have ever experienced. It is also quite overwhelming at times, especially when more than one soul is attempting to guide you at any given time.

It is a pleasure for me to be able to hear my clients' loved ones and pass on their comforting messages of love and guidance. When i'm passing on a message, I convey it verbatim. I do this for two main reasons:

* One ~ its to ensure that the exact message is reaching the ears of the intended recipient;

*Two~ to bring that soul's essence forward so that you can experience a conversation with them. To me, experiencing a conversation with your loved one as if they were physically present is something to cherish.

Have you ever experienced hearing someone call your name, without there actually being anyone physically there?

There is no doubt that this would be one of your loved ones trying to gain your attention for one of many different reasons, depending on where you are at in your life and path. When you do hear this, remember to acknowledge them by saying "Hello", for they are comforted by knowing you have heard them.

Sometimes, as I said above, there can be more than one soul trying to guide you at any given time. This can lead to colorful, spirited conversations. Or arguments. Either way, it can be rather entertaining when a difference of opinion arises as our loved ones personalities do not change, they remain the same. And as always, they just want the best for us.

My point? Listen as much as you can to your loved ones, as they will always guide you in the right direction, no matter whether everyone is in agreement or not, you will always be shown the path that is ultimately best for you.

Be comforted by their love and guidance, always.

L xo

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