Charm, sass, wit and love

I recently had a lady book in with me, she has been before, but this time felt different. As she entered the room, I could feel her beautiful daughter with her in Spirit. Her daughter was luminous and had brought such vibrant and infectious energy into the room with her.

This young lady, gone before her time, is comfortable with where she is and is quite happy to share her experience with her Mum, along with letting her know that she is watching over her. These two women share a bond that has survived beyond the physical connection we have here on earth. A bond that will never break. She had always been wise for her age, (just ask her and she will tell you with a cheeky grin) and even now, she is still that wise soul reflecting upon the unconditional love, protection and support her Mum gave her throughout her lifetime.

When I do my sessions, I repeat what Spirit is saying, in the same tone and inflection so I can capture their Spirit, their essence, their person as best I can for the people sitting in front of me. The infectious, loving, strong and empowered energy coming from this young lady was hard to convey, but her Mum could feel her through the words I was passing on and she became overwhelmed listening as her daughter spoke. As happy tears rolled down her cheeks, another moment of charming sass was about to be wittily thrust upon us –

“You know what today is, don’t you?” (trademark grin and sparkling eyes on display)

I replied “I don’t honey, tell me”

She stood a little straighter and puffed her chest out a little as she said “Well, today is all about ME you see…”

I was repeating this to her mother as she spoke to me, and her mother started to smile knowingly as she said, “It is, it’s her birthday” in unison with her daughter whispering, “it’s my birthday!” she also expressed that this year she was incredibly grateful for her gift – being able to speak with her Mum on her special day.

Celebrating this young lady’s birthday is still a tradition in the household and while she is no longer physically here, she is far from forgotten and she is very aware of this. Her Mum was her best friend, her saviour and her hope. While she has and always will be her Mum’s guiding light and one of the loves of her life.

Connecting with these two souls and bringing them together in conversation was a truly humbling experience, one that I get to experience almost daily in sessions. She is further proof to me that the loving energy and nature of Heaven truly does exist. She was existing from only love and celebrating not only her birthday, but also her Mum’s life and the exciting things ahead of her.

Remember to always speak with your loved ones, they are literally only a thought away and they love to still be included. They are always there, guiding, encouraging, supporting and loving us as we walk through this lifetime.

Thank you to the beautiful woman who had a reading with me, allowing me to connect with her incredible daughter and for giving me permission to write about this experience here for you today.

Let your light shine!

L xo

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