Self care and surviving 2020


What a year it has been for all of us! I know it wasn't the year I had planned for myself when the clock struck midnight NYE, and I am sure some, if not all of you, could say the same. Having said this, I'd also say that it turned out BETTER than I thought it would at that point in time, despite a global pandemic.

2020 has brought with it a lot of lessons and the one that resonates the strongest with me is - "You can survive anything thrown your way". While isolation was short lived here in NSW, it was difficult to navigate and I found myself often left with my thoughts and that was both a positive and a negative for me. (Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm an over thinker...)

This time spent with my thoughts encouraged me to reflect on my life and to truly take stock of how far I have come and grown over the last twelve months, and even in the time of this pandemic. I also made plans for the future, cute vision board to come! I honestly feel I've grown more since March 2020 than I have in the last twelve months. How many of you can say the same?

I am stronger, more confident and have overcome more than I ever thought possible. Want to know the most beautiful thing about it? I'm OWNING it. I have made so many changes in my personal life and it has been the best gift I have given myself...well, ever!

Recently I took a step back from doing sessions as I was feeling overwhelmed, and it was the best self care move I have made all year. I spent time by myself, doing things I enjoy, connected with myself, disconnected from social media for a while and watched a lot of TV - Spencer Reid...can I get an amen? ;) Guess what? nothing bad happened and my energy thanked me for it. I basically had an isolation party a bit later than everyone else!

I listened to my energy and body and I nourished my soul in the best ways I know how and have restored my energy and self to my natural balance. How many of you make sure to take time out for yourself? This can be anything that allows your mind and body to feel less overwhelmed for as long as you can manage, and it is important so that we don't burn out.

That's all for now beautiful souls, I won't be leaving it too long before my next blog post, I promise. My brother won't let me ;)


L xo

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