When your spirit guide trolls you...

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the life of a Psychic Medium?

I've decided to start this blog to give some insight into what it's like always being connected to the spirit world, along with sharing personal stories and experiences that I hope will make you laugh, cry and warm your heart.

As most of you would know, my brother in spirit guides me every single day, he is ever present in my life. I am truly never alone and while that is incredibly comforting, it also comes with its fair share of challenges.

I didn't feel right starting this blog without talking about my brother in my first post as he is such an integral part of my life and spiritual journey. (I hope this compliment doesn't go to his head! Lol) Jokes aside, my dear brother knows I love, appreciate and cherish him. And for the most part, I feel the same in return from him.

Have you ever been trolled by a spirit? Show of hands please!

Because, ladies and gentleman, I have (ugh)

We've all lightly dabbled in trolling someone, whether it be a friend, family member or some random in the internet, right? (If you whisper "no" to yourself, you're lying) And I do mean trolling in the sense of stirring, not bullying. Relax guys i'm not being bullied by a spirit. Well, imagine being trolled, in your mind...24/7...fun? Yeah, not always.

Does my brother do this in jest? Sometimes. Do I deserve it for ignoring his spiritual advice? More than I would like to admit freely (Psychics are the WORST at taking spiritual advice from their own guides) Does he do it out of love? 98% of the time if you ask him (I would hardly call playing bagpipes off key on purpose in my mind in protest to my singing as being out of love, but sure).

All I know is, that I trust him implicitly and more times than not I will follow him blindly as I do have complete faith in him. At the end of the day he has never steered me wrong and he always has my best interests at heart. The "I told you so"'s and the smug tea sipping is just standard big brother stirring, right?

I guess he has truly earned the right to be more than a little confident in his guidance, because despite the amount of times I am sure I make him face palm over my defiance, he always gets me back onto the right track no matter how far I may have stumbled in the wrong direction.

He truly does get bonus points for not abandoning me and making sure I feel his unconditional love every single day. And I guess I am entitled to bonus points too, because I do listen, despite what he thinks. (Not to mention, dedicate blog posts to him...)

In closing, the guidance is fun and real and honestly guys it's way easier to just listen, take it from me, they won't leave you alone until you do. Let's not even get onto vague messages today (I will get there, don't you worry). The path of least resistance is to listen when you've asked so that you may receive. Seriously.

I found a meme earlier that serves as a visual aid for how my brother looks at me when he is right and I am wrong...so, like most of the time. I'll include it with this post for your enjoyment.

That's all for now, much love,

L xo

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