Whispers from Heaven Sessions






Psychic Medium - Single Sessions

Zoom, Phone (Australia Only) & Skype 

60 minutes - $150 AUD

45 minutes - $125 AUD

30 minutes - $100 AUD


Psychic Medium - Couples Sessions

Zoom, Phone (Australia Only) & Skype  

60 minutes - $200 AUD

45 minutes $175 AUD

30 minutes- $150 AUD

Tarot Card Readings 

Three Card Spread - $50 AUD

Celtic Cross - $100 AUD

Email Readings 

5 Question email readings - $22 AUD

7 Question email readings $33 AUD

Trance Mediumship Session

Trance Mediumship sessions involve me, the channel, going into a trance state and allowing a higher being to communicate through me. This style of reading is accurate, concise and delivered in a loving manner. The higher being will access your Akashic Records to provide you with answers to your questions direct from your book of life.

During a Trance Mediumship session up to 10 questions can be asked of the higher being and your answers will be submitted to you via email.

$70 AUD

Manifesting Your Desires Meditation

Do you find it difficult to manifest what you desire in your life?

I am here to help! The best part?? it takes up NONE of your time!

What do you need to do?

*Contact us for availability - whispersfromheaven@live.com

*Submit via email the desire you wish to manifest (including a recent photograph of yourself). At this time, you will be informed of the time and date I will be privately meditating for you. (Your presence is not required at the time of meditation)

*After completing your meditation, I will contact you to discuss the meditation and the timeframe in which your desire will be manifested (as told to me by the Archangels).

*During a 1-hour personal meditation I will connect with YOUR energy, the Archangels and focus solely upon what you wish to manifest in your life to aid bringing this to fruition for YOU. I have had success in manifesting what I desire in my life through the art of meditation and the power of positive thought patterns associated with my goals, and I am now offering this service so that I may do the same for YOU.

$80 AUD

Crystal Therapy Session

Combining my Psychic Senses and affinity with Crystals I am bringing you this beautiful healing, cleansing and balancing therapy.

Crystal healing is an ancient method used to align, balance and clear your Chakras & Aura along with relieving symptoms being experienced by your physical body.

Prior to your Crystal Therapy session, I will intuitively create a crystal grid tailored to your healing needs - this will enhance the effect of other crystals being used during your session.

During your Crystal Therapy session, you will be treated to the soothing, healing sounds of crystal bowls as crystals are placed over your chakras for balancing and clearing. As you relax and enjoy the ambient atmosphere around you I will engage my Psychic sense to connect with your aura as I begin cleansing, balancing and clearing your energy so that you may leave your session feeling balanced and in alignment.

Whispers from Heaven’s Crystal Therapy session pricing: 45 minute sessions for $75 AUD

At your first session, you will be provided with a Crystal Therapy Loyalty Card – Attend 5 sessions and enjoy the next one FREE!

Facebook Exclusive Sessions

30 minute Love Life Guidance Session - $88

Crystal Therapy Session including a 15 minute session and a special gift hand picked by Lauren - $99


Bookings are essential for all sessions!